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Full text of "Government Gazette Of Uttar Pradesh"




Ni^fcij u h' LLI»> J^ou i u'J-"-r so'-tM'U.'o <j/ ti , j\.>iijiir I iiva.
.u-s^ Dsvjlrnirufn4" Act, l',;i.", iL' L'. Vt No. v'l of ll'4n)
i ii. t r'iti ix.iup ir Djv<jlopiUv.ui Uuiru Lr- pivpar^d A dluni-
f i n-K-ednvel ipmyut Sr>lieme i o. 5:!forc'eiram Ah.iir-i m CliuiioiJi'-Ji
Tl-e Ij-junilanea <•£ tlie S< 1 - m-- m. ;.,iij.r]ui- .

j'iw Ml,M» *^ntii£ :r.»J II'L e« Uj\uud> ••:-*• u«i iu jm nio1' n
j.ubliu l,iii« u,t-t-",jl lur.v n.i. i'llp-, tuui Vo .tlii.^nJ t-Iui •
J-hi- puLhr K.iii1 ujj ;o it- junction vrith »o.ul no. 7.'!; rliuii inoviiu
\Ye*fcVM.riI ulonaru^diio. 7JJ up TU it> jnu'-tim. <>- rc.id uy. N
•mrt !i or lu.-i comnii-nciU'T point. "

I'lun uf tha .Si;li»)rai'i auci statemoiita of tJie Jtiridh- an
proposed to be u>'qajr«il CPU lie seen an HJPT ivorkiijg di<y
oifioe hours lit tliu Dc^aloiJinr-iil- Board Giri'v.

Any ubjuetioJCb in thii ftclieiM.' tuid proposed -w
ltd at t.li' Bonid'a utiicf   within  .-lit;    da\t.   ni


d up to                      -w          o          .

\Vaat\7arJ iiiou.j JloaJ up to its ' Lrc«mfi wth Road nc.   ] uJ.
\\'L-iA,inl nluai!   Riuiri i
i'o. J(J)3, tlieu naoviug N

.                           L                                    .         .

\\'L-iA,inl nluai!   Riuiri i G.   juj up to it* CICSHUIJJ   with
Nortli-wes,t along  Road r.o    1LO

ieu naoviug ori-wes,t aong oa r.o 1L
up to ii^ erors-inj; with Kcad no. 105, then lovratda Noith-euat
<ilans Kaad »o. lUj up to ita mossing wirh Roati no. lliy,
titan moving tovrdids West to Karachi Kfauun up to it&
junction with Kuad i.o. 13, than moving Noith-eaat along

i'l.iri oil he b'uliBino shoving UIP lands and hounca proposed to
|j). .i"i|i3iilt)d I'jii l>y S(?ou duiniG  ahico  Luiir^  ul   the   Dg'x el cement

\nv ubjcr'tiGii hi tlin S'elii nju .uul jjiupo&crl iircjuiaition can Le
ril'J at tlio T'.oiml a Otfaro \nlJuii .sixty days ui tho datr of this
..own- .

[~».xp Jl'-> ,Tu J                                                           Executive  Officer.


[Nflti'ji \intlc? ifutian 4U('jj of the U. P.   TtiU'tt   J.Vii%noLt.tnt9il jut
rill of 1919]

As requuxd by aettion 40(8) oi the U. 1J. Town Jruprovtmrnl
Act, VIII of 19J«J, notice is hereby given that Lhia Trust hat appln.il
to the Government under section 4U(1) for sanction to the &che
entitlt'd ''Low Iriooiat Group Housing Schenit iietir Kandhari

JSuIiiiUid JiL'reby gi\en oiitiei1 '-tcTinnt;:! nf the Knupm Uihuu
\rt-j Dovelopmeiit Act, J04S, that the Board ha& iramcd Mall Road
IiQprovomeiit-Ueutral Sclu-nie-f i/.'H-Defwied fcJtreet Bel ei^e IP tJ"


M. A. QURAJSHI, i.o.s..


UQprovemeiit-C^eutral be hi. me-«• i/.'H-Defwred otreet ocl ei^e IP tJ"
regulating tho plci linei tuid building lines of Mall Hand ,u,rl rattier
pnbaidiury roails.

'L'Uij liuiuifuuiL'S uf th«i Scheme jru ti"- uinur .

"Unmnifiiuiii'.; from tLi* junctiau of KOBU iu s (]Vlij]J
Jload,' «ind Kanpiir-Bithaor I'.ojil (Nairalganj Itcud) tenr
Coluuelj;<iuj Pol.pi- ftal'on j,'1-"1^' to\rai'df. noith along tin-
''astern boundciy of Kj,npui l!oad\iay>5 compound up la
the RailwaySidmc,thenEuiua alcngthe Baij^ay Kidin;: ciotn=-
>nt| Boad i'u. u4 than towarde north uJcrg Plop'd ro/C4 ujj
roiti»cro9aini» vrith rcLcl no. 53 then townids i u?t ,J cny tl i-
-outhuru l'u,inrl,'nrj ot 31 mr Jljll-. up La load no. 3, then tu-
Unrds nurih aluiit! Jiu.u! i u. 3 up to its juiuiioii with liorid
uo. W.tlu iiuv-aids E-MaJrngHoad un. 4b (ftunt ct I'.AV. J».
MjYiijK^j up tu 11^ junt-nun with Pioji] ''U. 4C iNnrTdyo^ljui
Uu.idj tbiiii tiirum^ tijwjrdo Xoith aluiu Pio<irt m . JU "np tn
ita jimutioii with lloiiil i'0. 4i. tbeii tuii.uiu tirnardb Ei^r
iilong RQ^LL] tsi . 4- ni> to its junction ^\Jtli Jlcud KU. A',}.
thuntowards X-Ji'ihiiliuig Hoddiio. 43, up to its junuiicii v.ith
Jloadn .. Il-rhPiitcwjEdaEart and South along Boarl no. II
up to IM ei-'^-niy with Head n0. lu, thwi JcngRaddno. JU
ofu^my Ciangta i-anal up to it= junction with tanol Eoud
H>i._ KIJ. th"ii incmii Southward nloiig Cttnal Koad no.
li*.j up tmtsjunctiL'nTvnii 3IaJl Ko.ul no. P. then moving along
the Mall Liu nil up to ita crowing with Eoacl i o. JUi,



Applications for admisaion to the Executive Course coinmenoing
from August 1955 are invited from candidates between the ages oi
15£ and 18J years on the 1st July, 1955, who have passed the
(Secondary School Leaving Certificate, Secondary School Certificate
or School Leaving Certificate Examination for the purpose of Matri-
culation or its equivalent.*

KA. candidate who has appeared at an Examination far one of the
acceptable Certificates, but has not been informed of the result,
m-iy apply for entry into tha " Dufftrm.'' His application will
be accepted provisionally and ho will bo required to iurnish proof
of having passed the ts,iid Examination O.H early HH posbible.

2. A qualifying Examination will bo conducted m English in
fchi> following aubjeota; General English, Mathematics including
Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry and Elementary Trigonometry,
Geography and General Knowledge, including elementary questions
in Science will be held from Istto 3i'd June, 1950, at various centres
m India. The successful candidates will be interviewed by the
Governing Body m Bombay from Monday, the 22nd August, 1953.
Applications on the prescribed form will be accepted up to lUli
April, 1955 only.

a. The Prospectus containing the official Application Form an^
specimenexaminationpaperscanoeobtaintedfi'omthe undersigned
on pre-payment of Re. I- 8 by oi OBSCI] Postal Order.


Secretary, Gooernwiy Bivdy3
Training Mhi$t " Dufjerin '
Off Masgaon Pier, Bombay, JU.

by   ih*

, PHnti»g

, TJttur Ptudeab, Allabafaad,"